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 La Máquina - A Paradise Ecoturism Reserve

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Welcome to La Máquina !

La Máquina Reserve  offers visitors the peace and tranquility of nature through beautiful nature hikes. It has a spectacular waterfall, crystal clear rivers, dense dry forests and a rock cliff that is dated back many years, and relates the history of the reserve through its formations. To be able to experience adventure, culture, festivals, architecture, nature and history, it is clear that Diriamba is the perfect destination for you.

La Máquina is a paradise ecoturism reserve that is located just twenty minutes from Diriamba, where visitors can enjoy the benefits of a natural world.


How to get here?

The Reserve is located less than 30 kilometers away from Diriamba.   It is easily reachable by road. To get here, take the road from Diriamba that leads to the beaches.    The Reserve is located halfway down this paved road. The entrance is to the right, and there is a large sign at kilometer point 58½.     You can also take a bus that connect Diriamba and the beaches, which can also be used to reach the Reserve.

If you would like to get a tour to La Maquina please write an e mail to:

Pictures of The Reserve

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