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How to get to Diriamba, Nicaragua.



It is very easy to get to Diriamba.   If you travel by air, first you need to fly to Managua, the capital of Nicaragua, then you have to travel by car to Diriamba by taking the South Highway. Diriamba is located just 35 kilometers (30 minutes) from Managua.

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Below you will find information about the routes that can take you to Nicaragua:

United States

Nicaragua is very close to the USA, just one hour and half from Miami and two hours from Houston. There are direct flights to Managua from Los Angeles, Houston, Atlanta and Miami.


You can fly to Managua, Nicaragua, from Toronto via Houston or Miami. There are daily flights from these cities.

Central America

You can fly to Managua from any city of Central America and Mexico. The following airlines fly to Managua everyday: Aeroméxico, Copa, Grupo Taca y American Airlines.

Europe and Africa

You can fly directly to Managua through Miami from the main cities of Europe and Africa. You also can choose to fly to Managua from the main USA cities.

Australia an Asia

You can fly to Managua, Nicaragua vía Europe, Asia or USA.

To book your flight, please go to  or consult the web page of your favorite airline:

American - - 880-433-7300

Continental -  - 800-231-0856

Delta -  - 888-750-3284

TACA -  - 800-400-8222


At the airport in Managua

Arriving passengers will find a variety of hotel service desks in the International Airport arrivals area. If you made a hotel reservation in advance, or if you wish to make a reservation upon your arrival at the airport, you will find the hotel representatives in the baggage pick-up area. Some hotels provide courtesy transportation to and from the hotel of your choice. The most renowned hotels in Diriamba are: Hotel Lupita and, Ecolodge Carazo.

In Managua we recommend the following Hotels:

Austria (Leon), Brandt's, Camino Real, Crowned Plaza, Best Western Las Mercedes, Holiday Inn, Princess, Real Inter-Continental Metrocentro and Seminole Plaza Hotel.

By Land

You can get to Managua, Nicaragua by bus from El Salvador, Honduras or Costa Rica. The journey could take around 9 hours from the capitals of these countries. Please go the web page of Tica Bus to get detail information about fares and schedules.

Car Rental

If you would like to rent a car, there are many "Rent a Car" companies located at the airport and in the city of Managua. You can travel by car to Diriamba without preoccupations since it is 100% safe.  Please select any of the following companies to book your car.


Have a nice journey to Diriamba !

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