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Threat yourself to a holiday in Diriamba and be fascinated by historical churches, diverse cultures, and intricate past.

El Güegüense

Welcome to Diriamba !

The Land of "The Güegüense"

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Land of the Güegüense


Welcome to Diriamba! A land flowing with culture, fascinating history, San Sebastian and the Güegüense.

When you visit Diriamba you'll leave satisfied, educated and awestruck. Diriamba is situated on the highlands of the province of Carazo, Nicaragua.  Approximately 35 kms. from Managua, it covers an area of 341 sq kms, and is the home of fifty thousands people. The inhabitant of Diriamba are very friendly people. They are the descendents of the Spanish and Pre-Columbia cultures.

Diriamba is  the cradle of the Güegüense.  '"El Güegüense' is a satirical drama well known throughout Nicaragua, which is performed each year from 17 to 27 January during the feast of San Sebastián*, patron saint of the city of Diriamba. El Güegüense, a synthesis of Indigenous and Spanish cultures, is considered by the UNESCO a masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

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La  Gritería

The Basílica of San Sebastián

The Basilica of San Sebastian is one of the most beautiful church in Nicaragua. 

The construction of the Basilica of San Sebastian started in 1891 and ended 48 years later in 1938.    It was raised to a minor basilica in 1962.

La Basílica



San Sebastián

The basilica contains the image of San Sebastian , which was founded floating on the waters of the  pacific ocean in the 17th century . Every year the feast day of San Sebastian is celebrated on January 20th with a traditional novena ending with a procession all along the city streets.

The Clock Tower

The Clock Tower of Diriamba is the Nicaragua's most famous clock.   The Clock is a unique reference point for the inhabitants of Diriamba.

The construction of the tower was initiated in 1932 and finished in 1935 during the administration of president Juan Sacasa Baptist.

The total height of the tower is 15. 5 meters. There are  100 steps to the main camera.    The height of the belfry is about 13 meters where the bell and the machine of the clock are located.  The clock that was imported from Germany has been working without interruption for more than seven decades.


Mary Immaculate College

The Mary Immaculate College was founded in 1924 by the Immaculate nuns order.  It is situated in the outskirts of Diriamba.

Over the years the college has established a reputation for sound scholarship, professional quality and academic excellence. Characteristic of the College is its informal friendly atmosphere, its general concern for the individual student and its warm welcome for the newcomer.

Tropical Dry Habitat Museum

Welcome to the Tropical Habitat Museum of Diriamba.   Our goals are to show a collection of specimens to be used for research and education.


The Museum is one of the region's significant repositories for bird, mammal, reptile, amphibian and plant specimens from the Pacific Southwest of Nicaragua.   For more information about the museum's policies, collections, associated educational resources and staff, click here.

The Beaches and Rivers

The Beaches

The beaches, located less than half an hour from Diriamba, have their own tourist centers with several restaurants, hotels, and bars. Some beaches have rocky areas from where you can enjoy the sun, but there are also sandy parts perfect for swimming.

The Rivers

La máquina is a paradise ecoturism reserve that is located just twenty minutes from Diriamba, where visitors can enjoy the benefits of a natural world.

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