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Knowing a city does not only mean admiring its geography or appreciating its nature. It is also means admiring everything else that can not be seen at first glance: its tales, music, dances, legends, oral history, proverbs, jokes, religion, crafts, customs and traditions. In other words, it means admiring its folklore. The body of its expressive culture.

The folklore of Diriamba is the richest and most colorful of Nicaragua. The traditional and popular culture of Diriamba is manifested in the spirit of its people during the celebrations of their religious feasts, such as: The feasts of St. Sebastian, St. Carlampio, Easter, St. Francis of Assisi, The Feast of the Cross and, Christmas and New Year among others.

Diriamba is the land of The Güegüense. The Güegüense is a humorous drama well known throughout Nicaragua, which is performed each year from 17 to 27 January during the feast of St. Sebastian, patron saint of the city of Diriamba. El Güegüense, a synthesis of Spanish and indigenous cultures combining theatre, dance and music, is considered one of Latin America’s most distinctive colonial-era expressions. The UNESCO proclaimed the play The Güegüense a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible of Humanity at a special ceremony in Paris, France, on 25 November 2005.

Besides being the land of The Güegüense, Diriamba is the birthplace of the Cacique Diriangen, the Nicaragua Soccer, the National Horse Riding and one of the best Coffee of the world.

In addition to its beautiful folklore, the city of Diriamba has an excellent architecture of churches, schools, parks and old buildings, as well an excellent geography and ecological environment as they are discovered in its coffee plantations, its beautiful beaches and its natural reserves; making the city a perfect tourist destination.

Now in the twenty one century, thanks to the advance of the Internet, the people of Diriamba have the opportunity to show further their city to the world.

The website aims to help to preserve and safeguard, in its pristine and genuine expression, the folklore of Diriamba. Diriamba wants to keep alive the rich and vital synthesis of its Indigenous and European heritage. This web site contains enough elements that will allow its visitors to understand and appreciate the true value of the culture of Diriamba. With this purpose in mind, this site includes hundreds of pages in English and Spanish, containing texts, videos, slideshows and images.

For the above reasons, is very well accepted by the general public worldwide. Its selected contents have made this site the preferred spot on the internet for those wishing to know more about the folklore of Nicaragua, and of course about The Güegüense. Since this site went live on January 1st 2006, it has been visited by thousands of Nicaraguans and for thousands of foreign people in 2,359 cities in the six continents of our planet.

Well, it seems that the Güegüense somehow knew that his play would be flying high altitudes, as we recall the dialogue 157 of the play, when he said “For most, he has been .... a pilot to the heights which rise above the clouds, Governor Tastuanes


Oscar Baltodano



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